Well Defined Process

Having a standardized procedure helps us to deliver perfect product with proper milestones within time frames. Our team follows the following five phase development process for every single project.

Phase 1 - Requirements Gathering

Before we start any project, we make sure that we understand each and every aspect of the tasks in hand. We will be having few rounds of questions as we go on understanding your requirements.

If you provide a clear requirements document specifying everything that you wish in the final product, it’ll be easier for us to understand the details.

Phase 2 - Strategy Planning

Based on the requirements provided, we plan a strategy about how project will be done. It involves identification of various milestones and timelines to achieve those targets. We also identify technical feasibility of a requirement with the technology chosen.

Phase 3 - GUI Designing

Based on requirements and understanding gained in Phase 1 & 2, we will then design a new GUI or modify existing GUI for your website or mobile application.

This will give you an idea of how the final product will look like. The process continues till a design is finalized.

Phase 4 - Development

We then start development of your website in the preferred technology. During development, you will be provided with daily progress reports at the end of each working day before last working hour.

You will also be given access to our staging server (in case of website) where you’ll be able to see and test your product evolving.

Phase 5 - Delivery

Once you are satisfied with the developed product on stage, we’ll transfer the website to your server or provide the product output file and source code to you in case of mobile applications.

We then wait for you to launch the product to the world.